Grilling Spatchcock Chicken on a PK360 Grill

Working on new recipes for BBQ Spatchcock Chicken on the PK360 BBQ Grill. I used a different type mustard  bbq sauce pre-cook to help flavor the skin and also hold the bbq rub to form better for a crispier and a more of BBQ flavor than smoke flavor during the grilling process.

On the Preparation process the chicken was spatchcocked (Backbone removed), Rub Some Butt Carolina  Mustard BBQ sauce was applied to front and back of the Spatchcocked chicken and Three Little Pig’s Memphis  BBQ rub was applied to both sides. Then I used a Jaccard tenderizer to puncture the skin on the breast side to help render the fat to force flavor deeper in the chicken.

Tools Used: 

  1. Three Little Pig’s Memphis BBQ Rub
  2. Rub Some-Butt Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce
  3. Jaccard Tenderizer
  4. PK360 Grill
  5. Grill Grates
  6. Lump Charcoal

YouTube Video 1 the Start 

YouTube Video 2 the Finish: 

I added the Chicken on the PK360 Grill, once the temperature reached 350 degrees and maintained that temperature the entire cook. I grilled the breast meat to 165 degrees and the thighs and drums to 175 degrees. The dark meat will cook quicker due to higher fat content and not as dense as the breast meat. The Grill time was 1:20 minutes to hit temperatures running at 350 degrees.

I used a wide spatula to flip the chicken (2) times during the grilling process, this proved to be a little difficult due to space issues but as the chicken tightened up it became easier to flip.

Chris Marks  CBBQE (Chief BBQ Expert) Three Little Pig’s Rubs & Sauces and Good-One Smoker/Grills

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