BBQ Technique Video’s

Kansas City Beef Burnt Ends Part 2

How to Make Kansas City Style Beef Burnt Ends

First step when smoking a brisket

Part 2 Spatchcock Chicken on the Pk360 Grill with Three Little Pigs Rubs & Sauces

Part 1 Spatchcock Chicken on the PK 360 Grill with Three Little Pigs Rubs & Sauces

How to Spatchcock a All Natural Chicken with Chris Marks of Three Little Pigs Rubs

Quick Baby Back Preperation for the smoker form BBQ class.

Beef Eye of Round Preperation Reverse Sear

Beef Chuck Roast “Poor Mans Burn’t Ends” Quick Preperation

Simple Brisket Trimming Video.
First Step in Preparing a Brisket to Smoke.

How to Tenderize a Brisket with a Jaccard Tenderizer

How and what teampature to Split a Brisket Flat and Point

How to tell when a Brisket point is done and ready to serve by touch.


How to cut a brisket point for Burn’t End.

How to store/seal and re-heat left over Pork Butt


Simple Pork Butt finish with Three Little Pig’s Rubs & Sauces.

Video on Simple Pork Butt Prep for the Barbecue Smoker with Three Little Pig’s Championship & Touch of Cherry Rub.

Video of a quick and easy preparation of Beef Bone Marrow with Three Little Pig’s Texas Beef Rub.

Video of Grilled Whole Beefsteak Tomatoes stuffed with Fresh Mozzarella wrapped with Bacon and sprinkled with Three Little Pig’s Texas Beef rub


Fox 59 Indanapolis,  April 2017 BBQ Class

Splitting out a Full Packer Brisket at 175 Degrees, separating Point and Flat Video.

Here’s  “Rob Carson’s Table” with Chris Marks, one of the nation’s premiere BBQ/Smoking experts!-  Talking BBQ and Taco Bell !!!!!

January 2017 BBQ Pod Cast 

Below are just a few of the videos that Chris has been featured in.

BBQ Bootcamp: BBQ BootCamp w/ Chris Marks: Prepping the Brisket

The Good-One Smoker in Az BBQ Tempe with Chris Marks

The Good-One Smoker BBQ Ribs Class-St.Louis

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