Three Little Pigs Barbecue is regarded by many as the best Kansas City barbecue they’ve ever tasted.  After winning and placing at barbecue contests all over the World, Three Little Pigs Barbecue has decided to sell its award-winning rubs & sauces public.  Whether you are cooking for a special event or just grilling for the family. Three Little Pig’s rubs and sauces add that championship flavor you’d like a on a slab of ribs or even the finest cut of meat, Three Little Pigs Barbecue is ready to handle your craving for great barbecue.

Born & Proven on the BBQ Competition circuit. 4-World Champions Rings, 50 Regional Championships, 24 perfect scores and over 600 individual BBQ awards.

May 15th, 2004, Three Little Pigs delivered our first BBQ products to Backyard Bash in Parkville Mo. The BBQ products are my parents’ legacy from over 20 years of KCBS competition BBQ. Three Little Pigs BBQ products has continued to grow over the last 20 years to become one the longest running specialty BBQ rubs & sauces in the world. With our 20th anniversary we are releasing 4 new BBQ rubs to complement the current line. The official release of the new rubs will be at BBQ Maestros in Indianapolis on June 1st.

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New BBQ classes

New BBQ Classes updated for 2024 in Chicago,Cleveland,Branson,Dallas,Indianapolis,Louisville.

KC Sweet Fall off the Bone pork ribs

Recipie Link: KC Sweet Fall off the Bone Ribs

If you like your ribs extra tender and incredibly juicy, you’ll love this 3-2-1 Smoked Spareribs recipe. St. Louis style ribs are coated with a rub, smothered in sauce, brown sugar and butter, wrapped in foil and cooked. The 3-2-1 method delivers those fall-off-the-bone ribs. They may not follow competition rules, but they’ll win the admiration of your friends and family.

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