Simple 3 Step Pork Butt Video Preparation for a Smoker.

BBQ  videos by Chris Marks of Three Little Pig’s Sauces & Seasonings are to help minimize complexity and help the new or struggling BBQ hobbyist define simple methods and techniques that will build confidence in their process’s and thus the ability to repeat a constantly great BBQ product every time the smoker in lit.

Goal of the videos is “Consistency, Repeatability and Confidence

The Video’s are in 3 Steps:

  • Preparation
  • Finish
  • Storage/Re-Heat

Step 1- Preparation 

The best Protein for the Barbecue hobbyist to start with, when just beginning to learn the BBQ smoking hobby is a 8-10 lb. Pork Butt. The Pork butt is a great cut of meat that allows a lot of forgiveness and allows the BBQ Smoker to build confidence in his or her process’s.   The video shows a simple non-foil wrapping method with injection to build a great Barbecue flavor and the expected “Bark” to lock in the moister.

Step 2- The Finish 

Pork Butt was smoked for 9 hours at 275 degrees or until the Pork butt internal tempature reached 195-200 degrees. I prefer my pork not to be to “mushy”, which is what I see if pork butt goes over 200 degrees internal.  I like to also add a little more flavor to the pork after the finish, so I will add Three Little Pig’s Championship rub and Three Little Pig’s Competition BBQ sauce as I pull and mix. The great thing about pulled pork is it is very customizable to what you like whether it sweet taste, vinegar taste or other.


Once all the pork has been served up and you have left-overs, or you just want to store for anther date, here is a method that lets you store left overs safely and allows an easy way to bring the Pork back just as if it was just pulled off the smoker.  I will use a simple Cryovac Vacuum Packing Machine to vacuum pack the pork for freezing.   I pack into 2lb to 5lb sizes for the freezer. Once I have decided to bring the pork out of the freezer, I will drop the Cryovac pack in a pot of boiling water until the pork reaches 160 degrees.

 Video Product Setup:

More BBQ smoking infomation available at Three Little Pig’s Blog Site 

Chris Marks  CBBQE (Chief BBQ Expert) Three Little Pig’s Rubs & Sauces and Good-One Smoker/Grills

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