“I have worked with several caterers for events and Three Little Pigs Barbecue exceeded our expectations. They were extremely accommodating for our group and have raised the standard for Kansas City Barbecue.”

Beth- Olathe 

“Living in Texas, I’ve had a lot of barbecue. When I visited Kansas City for the Big 12 Championship Game, the best part of my trip was eating Three Little Pigs Barbecue. Their ribs, beef and pork put the Texas boys to shame!”


Three Little Pig’s barbecue is the best barbecue I’ve ever tasted. Every year, it’s one of the most popular items in our Heart of America United Way auction.”

Fred- Kansas City 
We came to KC for baseball and BBQ, and this is some of the best we sampled.

Located in the Crown Center, it’s a small storefront located in a corner…could me easily missed, but don’t let that happen to you!

My wife ordered a pulled pork sandwich and I chose the BBQ Sundae…couldn’t pass that up. The sundae was served in a Ball jar in layers: baked beans in the bottom, pulled pork and sauce next, then topped with coleslaw. The jar is your keepsake. And the sauce…amazing. Had to be molasses-based, dark and rich with a bit of a kick. Hands down the BEST bbq sauce I tasted on this trip. (I’m drooling as I write this review.)

The service was fast and VERY friendly, one of the best experiences we had in any BBQ restaurant in KC. Pricing was reasonable as were the serving sizes. Check their hours, too, to make sure they’re open when you go, as this is a mall location. If you’re into trying a variety of different bbq, add this place to your itinerary!

Dan – South Carolina

This was a good surprise. Tasty BBQ. I sat with colleagues that had purchased food from Three LPs the day before and their food looked so good and they raved about the taste. So the next day I stopped in here for an early lunch. Inexpensive and very tasty!

Rick – Colorado Springs 7/16

I’ve only eaten here once, while on a business trip in Kansas City, but it was memorable…in a good way. Really good food. I had a head cold, so I couldn’t taste anything, until I came here to grab something to go. Yummy!

Samantha- Springfield 7/16

This was our 1st KC bbq experience, and we liked it just fine. I got the double meat + large side: brisket and pork + cheesy potatoes. Yummy! Husband got the nibbler sampler. And, the white bread under the meat was soft, fresh, and locally made by an Italian bakery. I was surprised by how good it was; I’m not, I like to control how much sauce I have,

Robert- Chicago  6/16

I noticed some did not like this place and said the meat was dry. If you like your BBQ sloppy wet like Rib Crib and many other places, then you may not like this place. We were with a group of 5 and all of us really liked it. There are many good BBQ places, but very few with good sides. I had the ribs & pulled pork and it was very good. The side of baked beans and cold slaw were also very good. This is just a small take out place with open seating in a food court setting so not much atmosphere just good food. Next time I am in the area I will go back.

Steve – Claremore    8/16

We decided to get a couple of quick BBQ dinners as a last-minute decision and we are really glad we stopped at Three Little Pigs! We had some of the leanest and best tasting BBQ beef brisket ever that was flavorful, tender and melted in our mouths. Probably in my top three beef brisket dinners.

Bud – North Liberty 7/16




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