Kansas City Style All Natural Beef Seasoning/Rub
This Seasoning is especially designed for beef; it is excellent on virtually all cuts of beef! This seasoning/Rub is “right” on various cuts of steak, but it is also excellent complement for rib roasts, round roasts, rump roasts, chuck roasts, tri tips, London broil, or brisket–well just about any cut will be enhanced with a coating of Kansas City Style Beef Seasoning/Rub. Want to make hamburgers special–mix this Seasoning/Rub into burger meat or meat loaf for a special treat!

Kansas City Style All Natural Pork/Rib Seasoning/Rub
Developed specifically for pork, it tastes great on anything pork but especially ribs. Formulated with a cumin background, this Seasoning also has a host of spices, salts, sugars, and cracked peppercorns. Chris Marks also suggests trying this Seasoning/Rub on potatoes or eggs as well as in chili or soups.

Kansas City Style All Natural Poultry Seasoning/Rub
This all-natural seasoning adds great flavor with only a touch of pepper and a sweet-salty blend of herbs and spices. Kansas City Style All Natural Poultry Seasoning/Rub is excellent on poultry, and even wild game. You can also create a marinade or brine by mixing with your favorite marinating liquid.

Chef Marks’ Recommendations

The table below displays what seasonings/rubs the prolific award winning chef, Chris Marks, suggests for different foods.

Seasoning/Rub Beef Pork Poultry Seafood Wild Game Vegetables
All Natural Beef Seasoning X X X X X X
All Natural Pork/Rib Seasoning X X X   X X
All Natural Poultry Seasoning X X X X X X

 * Some of our All-Natural Seasonings contain brown sugar that may cake from time-to-time.  We elected not to add anti-caking ingredients; instead we suggest you store in a freezer or knead the package prior to use. This ensures you get the best of ingredients without the artificial additives.

Three Little Pig’s All Natural BBQ Sauces

The All natural line is based off the Award winning traditional line of Championship sauces created by Chris Marks of the Three Little Pigs, BBQ Team. Three new “All Natural” sauces have been developed, Kansas City Original, Kansas City Sweet and Kansas City Spicy. These are a classic tomato based sauce starting with ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, sugar, seasonings, and smoke. It is the balance of flavors that is the genius of this sauce. Thick enough to stay put, thin enough to pour, even when cold.

All in all the flavor of these sauces are conservative. The balance of sweet (sugars), sour (vinegar and Worcestershire sauce), heat (cayenne mash) and smoke, simply make them perfect.

Three Little Pigs All Natural Sweet BBQ Sauce Three Little Pigs All Natural Spicey BBQ SauceThree Little Pigs All Natural Original BBQ Sauce

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